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10 – 30 June 2011, Thailand

The Flag of Thailand

The Flag of Thailand has red, white, blue, white and red stripes (in that order), with the blue stripe being twice the width of the red and white stripes. The dimensions of the flag are in the ratio 2 : 3. The current design for the flag was adopted in 1917.

It is well known the the 35 hexominoes cannot tile a rectangle. However, with a total area of 210 square units, they can almost tile a 12 x 18 rectangle – there are six squares left over.

The challenge is to create a tiling of a 12 x 18 so that the hexominoes fill in the stripes. This is impossible to do exactly, but an approximate solution may be found.

Note: The actual colors you see on the flag are highly dependent on your monitor.

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