Calculus I, Fall 2022

Week 1

1 Mon, 5 Sep Download the Course Syllabus.

Download the Introduction to Physics used in today's class.

We will use the text Elementary Calculus. Follow this link to download this free open source textbook.

Paul's Online Notes is a useful website which includes a review of everything you need for Calculus I. If you find you've forgotten some things (like trigonometric identities or laws of logarithms), you can look at several worked-out examples here.

Please use my Eckerd email to get in touch with me. I do not check Moodle daily, so if you send me a message on Moodle, it may take several days to get a response.
2 Wed, 7 Sep Make sure you have completed the Algebra Review. These are necessary skills for this semester. Consider taking Precalculus first if you have a lot of difficulty with these problems.
3 Fri, 9 Sep Here are today's notes on What Calculus is All About.

Some students had calculus last semester, while others haven't had math in over a year. This weekend, work on reviewing your Algebra Skills. By class on Monday, send me an email letting me know (1) the numbers of the problems on the Algebra Review which were difficult for you, and (2) what you did to review these types of problems.

It's OK to send me an email saying that you understood how to do everything on the Algebra Review. You can use Paul's Online Notes as a start, but you can search for videos on how to work out any type of math problem. Send me links to what you used to review, or if you didn't watch videos, just let me know what you did.

As a college student — and future scientist — you will need to take more responsibility for your learning. You will never become a lead scientist on a research project if all you do is the minimum amount to get by. You need initiative. Start getting in that mindset now!

The assignment is worth 5 points. It is a completion grade only. It's up to you to do decide what you need to work on this weekend.

The additional Office Hour this semester is on Tuesday from 2:00—3:00 in the second floor lobby of MPC (the math department).

Week 2

4 Mon, 12 Sep Here is a link to today's animation: Desmos: Secant Lines.

Reminder: tomorrow is the end of the add/drop period.

Reminder: Homework quiz Friday. You can bring your hand-written notebook and a scientific, non-graphing calculator.

Homework: Study Examples 1.2 and 1.3 in the text. Problems: p. 14, #2, 3, 5, 7, 9.
5 Wed, 14 Sep Here are the notes on the Derivative of $\sin(x)$ from today's class.

There is a Homework Quiz on Friday on what we've done so far except what we cover in class today. Remember, you may bring your hand-written notebook and non-graphing calculator to the quiz!

Homework: Problems 1—4 from today's notes.
6 Fri, 16 Sep For homework, do the exercises given at the end of Geometry of the Derivative.

Extra Credit assignment: Critique this handout! As I write notes for the class, I would like feedback on if they are understandable and help you with the concepts. For example, I got feedback last semester and so revised the lesson on Introduction to Physics for this semester. So you can write a one-page critique (one inch margins all around, 12 pt type, 27 lines with a one-line title). It's not enough just to say you liked something or didn't understand something — you need to say why. Essentially, you get full points for a thoughtful critique, and few points for a superficial critique. The assignment is worth 0.25 percentage points on your final grade average. So this is a great way to learn some calculus and give yourself some bonus points!

This assignment must be printed out, and is due on Monday.

Week 3

7 Mon, 19 Sep Homework: #1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 in Section 1.4, page 26. Also, Exercise 1 from the notes on Rules of Differentiation.
8 Wed, 21 Sep Download solutions to Homework Quiz 1.

Download the handout on Using Differentiation Rules.

For homework, finish the problems from the handout, and study for your quiz! Note: the Chain Rule is not on the quiz since we just covered it today.
9 Fri, 23 Sep Here is the homework for Monday.

Office Hours next Tuesday are slightly changed: 1:30—2:30.

Week 4

10 Mon, 26 Sep Class cancelled by Eckerd College due to hurricane Ian.
11 Wed, 28 Sep Today's lesson is The Geometry of Second Derivatives. You are expected to read this handout and do the homework. The text and solutions are very detailed, so try to follow along as best as you can.

Please email with questions. I expect to be available to answer questions all during the next few days as long as the power doesn't go out (which is very likely). So if you don't here back from me soon, know that this is the case and I will look at my emails as soon as I am able.

There will ne NO quiz on Friday. Thus, there will be a total of 7 Homework Quizzes, and I will drop your lowest score.
12 Fri, 29 Sep Here is a link where you can download a Precalculus Textbook to review exponential functions.

Here is the handout on Exponential Functions. Do the homework at the end of the notes.

Week 5

13 Mon, 3 Oct Welcome back! Thanks to all who could respond to my email. Based on your responses, we will go over Wednesday's and Friday's notes in class today. Wednesday we will go over logarithms, and Friday will be a review for next Monday's exam. Logarithms will not be on the exam.

Focus on studying the homework problems. Basically, I write an exam by looking at the homework assignments, and taking one or two problems from each. Some will be the same as on the quizzes, but there will be questions from the homework that were not on the quizzes.

You can bring a note card to the exam. I will provide those on Wednesday. You may also bring a scientific, non-graphing calculator.
14 Wed, 5 Oct Download solutions to Homework Quiz 2.

Here are today's notes on The Natural Logarithm. Your homework for next Wednesday is at the end of the notes. Complete solutions are given.